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Gain merchandising


Integrate collections, launch and promotional calendars to easily understand the performance of each event and its’ ultimate impact on conversion and Average Transaction Value (ATV). Understand the full impact of training initiatives, visual merchandising and product decisions.

View observation


Automate visual merchandising compliance while reducing unproductive travel expenses by up to 50%. Use frequent high-resolution snapshots to provide a detailed view of product and asset placement. Instantly resolve operational and merchandising issues remotely. Low bandwidth required.

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Know where your

shoppers go

Instantly visualize which direction your shoppers go after entering your store - left, center, or right. Understand how in-store employee behavior, marketing campaigns and promotions guide the shopper journey.

Visualize shopper movement throughout the entire store

Through multicamera kinetic mapping, understand how product placement impacts shopper movement and investigate further as needed. Determine if staff is servicing the highest traffic areas, and if the product assortment is receiving the highest exposure and engagement. Test and measure different merchandising initiatives and instantly visualize on a store floor plan.

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Understand zone


Identify specific zones in-store and understand dwell behavior, exposure and engagement rates. Test and measure different areas and/or fixtures to determine the optimal merchandising strategies.

Ensure window displays are effective

Understand how window displays are performing and define merchandising strategies accordingly. Use capture rate to reveal if window displays, visual merchandise and specific product are bringing shoppers into your store.

Checking Window Display