Understand the Full Shopper Journey

Focus on how specific store elements and changes impact the business. Optimize for growth and sales.

Simple A/B


Full path analytics to track shopper paths and how these experiences directly impact the bottom line. Evaluate the full set of in-store technology to decide what to deploy across the store network.‚Äč

Test New

Store Concepts

Test and measure new concepts such as product placement, store design and layout, merchandise prior to company-wide rollouts.

Interior Analytics

Kinetic Heat Maps

Avoid points of friction:

Use kinetic heat maps to eliminate bottlenecks and other points of friction in the shopper journey, and pinpoint high- and low-trafficked areas.


Learn from high performing traffic areas to determine where in-store opportunities lie. Identify low performing traffic areas for improvements.

POS Video Integration

Track security events and identify risk early:

Review individual transactions and POS events tied to video.


Simplify investigations and protect margins by identifying high-risk transactions, products, staff and shoppers.

Dwell Analysis

Test layouts prior to roll out:

Identify specific in-store zones to test and measure displays, product placement and/or fixtures prior to more widespread roll outs.


Determine product placement strategies to maximize display exposure and engagement; identify best practices for floor layouts and in-store designs.


Determine shopper demographics:

Segment your shoppers by age and gender through video-based technology.


Better understand your audience profiles and their
shopping behaviors.

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